There is no doubt retail catering, or a Cafe, is an ideal ‘company’ that fits within the government SME directives.

In a recent move to support the SME initiative following the Royal Directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, COMO Facilities Management Services supported Azima Catering by providing them with a decorated Cafe based in Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM); a location that is attractive to IT companies currently operating in KOM and surrounding areas.

Ayad Tassabehji, CEO of Como FMS, said that ‘a Café or Restaurant business could be a practical and realistic project which can benefit from the SME directives and at the same time, support the tourism industry. A city or village with many choices of Cafes and restaurants could encourage tourism. We are proud to support Azima Catering with their ambitions and perseverance’.

Salma Noor Al-Bulushi, owner and managing director of Azima Catering, said that ‘a start-up venture needs many elements to be put right before the start of the operation. Financing is one element, knowhow and experience is another. We appreciate our association with Como FMS because of their understanding of what we were trying to do and their business approach towards our project and vision’.