Litter takes years to break down. It releases pollutions into the air, water, and soil and can impact wild life. With the commitment to create A “clean camp” environment in block 3 & 4, a clean-up campaign was organized by CCED Camp Admin team on 6th Feb 2021. COMO team with strong supervision geared-up to participate in the campaign.

The main objectives of the campaign were:

  1. To improve the cleanliness of the camp surroundings.
  2. To have a pleasant environment

As per plan, we selected a clean-up team to pick-up litter in different areas of the camp, arranged enough gloves, bags etc. Prior to the start of cleaning campaign, safe and proper procedure for collecting and disposing of litter had been briefed by Supervisor.

Entire exercise was well appreciated by CCED site team and sent appreciation mail to COMO.