I would like to start my memorable experience of our 3 days team building training which was held from 22nd Feb to 24th Feb 2018 at Outward Bound Oman Desert Training Centre, Al Qabel.  12 members of our team were very glad to take part in this Management Course Programme.

Our main objectives of this training program consists:

  • To foster strong co-relationship, trust among our team
  • To ignite the spirit of active performance excellence
  • To improve team communication and effectiveness
  • To boost staff moral and to have fun

There were much more team bonding exercises, in the beginning, we had a bridge connecting exercise in which we gained our strength and weakness in team building.  I wish to add on what’s being shared during the memorable tent circle that we had, all our team mates gave their main events of life which was drawn in picture without any writing.

At the night we watched a documentary movie of our tutor who crossed Oman desert along with two other members. After the good sleep at morning we witnessed the sunrise it was just as spectacular, there was something so peaceful and relaxing about watching the sun rise over a landscape that had no roofs or people in sight. There was nothing but sand stretching out in every direction, fading out into what seemed like infinity.

Very next day was an exciting day which we were eagerly waiting to climb the sandy mountain and travel further on sand, in the beginning we had a morning exercise followed by safety briefings from our guide about the hazards and risks during our travel on sand, it helps us to boost our confidence level so that we can go out and tackle the trips on our own,”. Sand dune climbing is really a tired and difficult.

Fortunately there were several desert trees which gave us shelter, under a tree we had our lunch which we carried along with and had a brain storming sessions on the business issues, when we were back to Camp we discussed further to find out solutions for the issues we raised earlier.

We help each other for preparation of barbeque dinner at outside and I took a part of main chef. We sat together for dinner, we sat together in front of the fire. Really it was a nice unforgettable memory for the only one lady member in the team. Third day was concluding and wrapping up day, after the certificate issuing session we shared our gratitude and thanks to the entire outward bound team and started our return journey to Muscat.