Sanitize to Protect

With the global spread of the corona virus, everybody should now be more vigilant about the need to sanitize the immediate environment.
Viruses spread easily because they stay active for many days on different surfaces.


At ORKIN, we have developed and implemented strict health and safety policies and procedures tailored to safeguard the health and safety of all our families, employees, customers, suppliers and the community where we live and work.

ORKIN understands the importance of sanitizing all kind of surfaces and employ a large team of specialists for delivering deep cleaning and sanitizing services for indoor and outdoor areas, for all sectors and in line with the international standards and best practices.

Our Oman dedicated team received the necessary training from ORKIN USA and is qualified and fully equipped to leaving you feeling safe and secure.Our sanitization & disinfection process includes manual spraying and misting by using wireless high tech machines, and we focus on touch points like door handles, electric sockets, laptops, and other equipment by sanitizing them manually by hand for more effective results.

* We only use premium sanitization materials which are approved by the Oman MINISTRY OF HEALTH and recommended by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Our specialized services includes:
• Complete Decontamination Solution
• Disinfection & Sanitization Solution
• Deep & Detailed Cleaning Solution


 Our sanitizing teams are available 24 hours a day and have an average arrival time of one hour within Muscat. Each cleaning/sanitizing service is followed up with a full report detailing surfaces and area covered when they were cleaned and by whom.
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