Como Facilities Management Services, which supplies Orpic – Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company with all its catering requirements, has redefined the service it delivers to the national refiner, following discussions about ensuring that as much value is retained in-country as possible through local supply. Maximizing the use of Omani suppliers is an important theme for Orpic, and something Como was keen to include within the package they deliver.

In this joint effort by Orpic and Como to increase the amount of Omani produce used in supplying Orpic its catering needs, the management of both companies carefully studied all the options, including the adjustment of menus, time of servings and staff tastes to ensure that all cooked food was of Omani origin.

As part of this effort Como have now signed several agreements with Sohar-based suppliers for the supply of locally produced food products such as fresh meat, fish, vegetables and spices.

The result has been customers within Orpic praising the use of fresh products over frozen ones and this has further convinced both Como and Orpic management of the long term benefits of the initiative. They are now looking for any other opportunities to increase the use Omani produce in the catering process.